MC Photography is a professional photography service in the Gulf region.

With years of experience in digital photography, MC Photography offers cutting-edge services to corporate and private clients. Our photography services include:

• Portraits(Head-Shots, Artistic, Glamour)

• Interior & Exterior.

• Product, Still Life.

• Event & Weddings.

MOKHTAR CHAHINE - photographer - discovered his passion for photography some 6 years ago, when he purchased his digital SLR camera, Working as a professional photographer, Mokhtar concentrates his attention on photographic lighting which makes his images perfectly clear and sharp. His creative mind and strong work ethic help him meet his clients' demands and produce top-quality photographs every time. However, what truly drives Mokhtar is the fact that photography is his passion.

Ansel Adams has said: 'There are always two people in every picture - the photographer and the viewer.' Mokhtar always try to put himself in the clients place- the viewers - and think, what will they see when they look at this image? Will this photograph meet their needs?" Digital art, photo editing and retouching - is the creative force behind the photographer. With a background in graphics, Mokhtar makes sure that each photograph is bright, crisp and razor-sharp. He can alter colors and backgrounds, remove dust spots or blemishes, adjust various elements of the image, and use other image manipulation techniques, as necessary. Mokhtar's goal is to make sure the final image is perfect and priceless.

Mokhtar says. "I am always careful not to alter the image to such a degree as to make it lose its natural beauty and quality. My challenge, as that of a makeup artist for example, is to accentuate the good features, while leaving the integrity of the subject intact."

Mokhtar Chahine believes that in hiring a professional photographer, clients deserve a professional that is able to use his or her technological expertise and creative vision to create a product that clients and amateur photographers could not on their own. Therefore, My photography philosophy has three primary parts as follows:

1. Photographers are artists and therefore must have a deep understanding of artistic theory including concepts on composition, lighting, color, design, balance, etc.

2. Professional Photographers should be using professional grade camera and lighting equipment. Not Because good equipment make you a professional photographer, but simply because professional photographers should aim to deliver the highest quality photographs a client can ask for.

3. Professional photographers are constantly in unusual lighting situations with significant time constraints, photographers must be masters of their equipment. Being able to quickly adjust camera settings, anticipate lenses needed for each scene, use on and off-camera lighting techniques, etc are crucial to being able to consistently create a professional product.

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